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Our Mission

To provide you with the best of everything!  The best machines, the best workouts to get you ripped and all the motivation you need to keep that primal machine of yours in shape!  We think that the best place to work out is in your own home (no excuses!) and we’ll show you how to put together the best home gym for your space, big or small.  And no machine can run without fuel!  We’ll show you how to equip your kitchen to provide maximum nutrition, quickly and easily!

Our Team

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest and most up-to-date information about health and fitness.  We promise honest equipment reviews and workouts, wholesome nutrition advice and recipes, and cutting-edge supplements for your health journey.  Whether you want to lose weight, build a stronger body, eat better or just feel great, our team is here to answer your health and fitness questions.

Our Founder’s Story

Lisa is passionate about helping people realize their fitness goals.  Although she led an active life and thought she ate “right,” in 2012 she found herself dealing with an unexpected health crisis.  After months of no relief, she was finally diagnosed with celiac disease in 2013.  Battling malnutrition, fatigue, depression and crippling anxiety left her exhausted and hopeless.  She was completely disabled, unable to work or even perform simple household duties.  The conventional medical model did nothing to find a treatment that could restore her quality of life.

Then, in 2013, she stumbled into the world of primal health and integrative medicine.  This is when her journey to true wellness began.  Through the paleo lifestyle she improved her energy and mental health so that she could not only function, but thrive.  She found workouts to help her gradually regain her strength and endurance.  She stocked her kitchen with nutrient dense foods and a few essential tools to make delicious paleo meals.  Now she is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with others who struggle with chronic conditions and an unhealthy lifestyle.

She realizes that this is a tough mission, undoing years of conventional wisdom and training.  The road to health can be rocky, but she hopes that by creating a strong community we can all learn a new way to health.  We will achieve our goals together!  Our primal community is strong and growing, and together we are changing the health of millions of people worldwide.

Check back often for all the exciting things we have in store at Primal Machine.  Your health story is just beginning!

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